Non linguistic text in piece of content


I have the following piece of text in a field using the standard tokenizer.

...erlegging van het EAB.<br /> Cass. 31 mei 2016, AR P.16.0606.N

The standard tokenizer splits the P.16.0606.N into different parts due to the period. Because of this i get a lot of unexpected results at search time when searching for P.16.0606.N.
The P part is matched in every code starting with a p, like P.10.1512.N.

What is the suggested way to search a piece of non linguistic text inside a larger text?

This would require an appropriate Analyzer configuration.
There's a multitude of options available depending on what you want to do.
You could index product codes like this into a separate searchable field or leave them intact amongst the English words but would have to take care that a rule designed to keep P.16.0606.N together as a single term does not also keep the full stop in words at the ends of sentences like this one.

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