Not able to create a new Beat

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to a custom beat. I have done the installation of Go and cookiecutter. Now when I am trying to execute the below command, it gives following error.

"A valid repository for "D:\ELSTACK\CreateBeats\beats_master\src\\elast
ic\beats\generate\beat" could not be found in the following locations:

cookiecutter "D:\ELSTACK\CreateBeats\beats_master\src\\elastic\beats\generate\beat"

I am confused a bit because I donot know where I am making mistake.

Did you create a directory under $GOPATH?

This is a mistake on my side. I changed the generator to not use cookiecutter anymore. Here can be found the up-to-date docs when using master:

To generate a beat based on the stable 5.1 branch, you have to do the following two commands:

cd $GOPATH/src/
git checkout 5.1

Now cookiecuttter should work again as before. I will update / fix the docs in the next days. Sorry about that.

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