Not able to create new user in kibana dashboard by the help of api

I am using kibana version 7.3, elastic search version 7.3
I am trying to create user through API.
PUT /_security/user/jacknich
"password" : "j@rV1s",
"roles" : [ "admin", "other_role1" ],
"full_name" : "Jack Nicholson",
"email" : "",
"metadata" : {
"intelligence" : 7

I am using free kibana and elasticsearch license.

I am using this request with json body. User can be create through UI level by login in kibana dashboard, but when i use this rest apis "404 not found " error come in response.

Thanks in advance.

Are you using curl, or what are you using to make the request? Are you ensuring to use the credentials of a user who has sufficient privileges when making the request?

Thank you very much lukas for the reply.
Issue is resolve, i was trying to hit the api on "", 5601 is for kibana,
but api need to be hit on "" on 9200 elastic search is running.