Not able to install elasticsearch in Windows 7

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Hi team,
Can you help me to resolve this error.
could not find java; set JAVA_HOME or ensure java is in PATH

I have successfully set the path in environment variables as follows



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You need to point it to the JDK directory, not it's bin directory.


once you set your java path,
open command prompt, and type
java -version
if it is set properly, it will show the java with version number

Next Step,

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Navigate to the elasticsearch bin folder ex: D:\ELK\Elasticserach6.4\bin\
  3. Run the command ".\elasticsearch" or ".\elasticsearch.bat"
  4. Observe the output
  5. Open browser and type "localhost:9200"

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Hi @balumurari1 ,

Thanks a lot. It worked.

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