Not able to login into the Kibana


When I am trying to login into the kibana, it's sending me an error "Oops! Error. Try again.".

I have checked my storage also it's only 92% in use.



Please suggest me.

Hey @wizard,

Thanks a lot for opening the topic.

Could you please check outgoing requests results in the developer tools after clicking the login button?

Best regards,

I am getting 500.

Could you please also provide a screenshot of the response when clicking on the failed request?


There are a few more things we also need to know before we can start understanding what the issue is.

  1. Stack version
  2. Plugin configuration (what is enabled and what isn't)
  3. Kibana's configuration (kibana.yml: please backout any sensitive values)
  4. If you were able to log in to Kibana before and now something changed.

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