Not able to remove icon for Kibana 7.6.0

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Tried to use this example to remove the icon, but was not able to find the views folder

here's what i am seeing in kibana/src/legacy/ui/ui_render, only have a folder by the name of bootstrap and two other js files. Can anyone advise on how to remove the icon?

It seems like this thread can help you: How to Customize Kibana 7.6.0 Login Page?

Was looking at it too and got it working! Thanks for the assistance!

but, if i need to change the stuff in docker, how should i go about doing it... My current way is to edit from the docker instance itself, but this will be removed once i restart the docker instance.

For docker a good way would be to put the editing operation you are doing in a script, then creating a dockerfile which uses the standard Kibana image as base and executes your script.

By running the dockerfile using docker build you can create a new image which you can use in your system instead of the standard Kibana image without losing your editing.

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