Not able to see the log file after Logging configuration in Filebeat


I am trying the generate the logs file in FileBeat. I changed the filebeat.yml and added the configuration to generate log files, but I am not able see the log files.

Configuration -

> logging:

>    to_syslog: false

>    to_files: true

> files:

>     path: "/var/log/"

>    name: filebeat.log

> rotateeverybytes: 10485760 # = 10MB

> keepfiles: 7

> selectors: ["*"]
> level: warning

Please help me.

Thanks and Regards,
Karunesh Upadhyay

Your indentation seems a little off. This can be an issue with yaml. Use spaces only + try to indent by 2 spaces + files section and the other options must be properly indented to be part of logging configuration.