Not able to stop the tasks in devtool (Kibana)

1.Firstly, "delete by query" was run. it exhausted 100 % of disk space,

  1. then I tried POST /_forcemerge after adding more disk space but this space is also getting consumed rapidly

  2. can I cancel the tasks which are running tasks as the below given command is not able to kill tasks . It says "not cancellable tasks"
    ** POST /_tasks/<task_id>/_cancel**

  3. No task is completed and resource crunch (disk space) may again. How can I know the running task's estimated remaining time or size ??

Hi @sanjeevtomar,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles. Delete by queries can be expenses and should be used cautiously. Having said that you should be able to cancel one. Going forward if you must use them I'd recommend throttling them.

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