Not able to take snapshots


I am getting below error:

Deployment health issues:
There is a problem with the master node
Snapshots out of date (latest success was 4 days ago)
Something went wrong with trying to take a snapshot.
Failed to load snapshots: Error: GATEWAY_TIMEOUT

GET /_cat/snapshots/dcselasticsnapshot?v&s=id

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "repository_missing_exception",
"reason": "[dcselasticsnapshot] missing"
"type": "repository_missing_exception",
"reason": "[dcselasticsnapshot] missing"
"status": 404

GET /_cat/repositories

found-snapshots s3

Because of which, I am neither able to deploy my deployment to new version nor force-restart my deployment.

I am also experiencing more than 75% JVM memory pressure bor both the nodes, which are in cluster.

Help me to resolve this issue.

Is this issue on Elastic Cloud? If it is, please follow the instructions on to get support.

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