Not able to to overwrite elasticsearch.keystore in elasticsearch 8.8.0

Hello Everyone,
I have a single node elastic running on a centos vm . This elastic is running as a docker container and I am trying to upgrade from 7.16-> 7.17-> 8.8.0. I have multile configuration files mounted on to container with customized configuration . I am trying to mount elasticsearch.keystore in the same way but it's failing due to ownership issue. What I have observed with this is the ownership updated from 'root' to 'elasticsearch' in 8.8.0 version but it's same as root in 7.x version. I want to update elasticsearch.keystore to incorporate ' ' into this file while container is starting.
Vesion 8.8.0 -elasticsearch docker container:

Vesion 7.16.0 -elasticsearch docker container:

It would be much appreciated if anyone could guide me here to resolve this issue

Thanks& Regards

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