Not able to view data in Discover after my local system restart

Hi All,

I am new to ELK and facing a weird issue, whenever I restart my system. I am not able to view data in Discover. Is there a way to prevent that.

ELK is at some remote host, I am not able to understand how restarting my local system is impacting my Kibana performance

@defalt : It will be great if you can provide your inputs here :slight_smile:


So you're restarting your local system, that shouldn't affect any performance of your remote system (Which contains also Kibana, right). Could you open your dev tools before you load your Kibana instance after restarting? I wonder if there are any error messages in the console (If you're not familia with dev tools, here's a description
What kind of ELK do you access? Which version? With or without authentication?

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