Kibana not always showing the data from elasticsearch

(Sumesh) #1


Kibana discover is not showing some of the documents from a particular Elasticsearch index. But all the records are present in Easticsearch, that I can view through any installed plugins.

Surprisingly the same thing happened to me few hours ago , ie the data was not showing in Kibana for about half an hour and later I could discover the data in Kibana.

elasticsearch: 2.3.0
kibana: 4.5.0

(Mark Walkom) #2

KB will only ever show what is in ES, but it's TZ relevant.
Maybe you have timezone issues?

(Sumesh) #3

I don't think it is something related to Time Zone because it was showing the records properly until today, the problem started all of a sudden.

Kudos to the quick reply.

(Sumesh) #4

An update to the post, KB started showing documents from ES, without doing any configuration changes. But I would like to know the reason for the frequent disappearance of data in KB.

Any thoughts on this?

After 4 hours KB issue started again. Not all the records showing.

(Mark Walkom) #5

Are you sure the docs are in ES, ie you can search via an API and see them?

(Sumesh) #6

Yes, the docs are perfectly showing in ES.
It is like KB takes a random time (minutes to hours ) to get the data from ES.
But one thing to mention that I can discover the entire data after this random wait time.

More information -

4 sources of logs

1- Syslog from a firewall ( Work fine)
2- Syslog from a proxy server ( Work fine)
3 - Winlogbeats from a Domain Controller ( Work fine)
4 - Winlogbeat from a file server ( Logs from this servers is having problem)

I use same beats input for 3 & 4 ; Nevertheless all the logs are present in ES

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