Kibana not showing data from Elasticsearch

Hi Everyone,

elasticsearch: 1.7.3
logstash: 1.5.4
kibana: 4.1.3

Logstash using log4j input, getting logs from some application and sends data to Elasticsearch.
With different plugins I can check that data storing well in ES.

However, if I open Kibana and no logs were written by app for approx 15 mins then I don't see them in Kibana.
Until new logs comes from app.
I mean that if no logs for more than some period of time then no logs at all in Kibana.
When application starting to write some logs, I can see these and old logs in Kibana.

Are there any special timeouts in Elasticsearch or Kibana to show logs only if they are comming?

That's too be expected, KB can only show what is there.

Wouldn't KB show all the data which is indexed in the past even if source is turned off currently?
In my case no dashboards working until new logs comes and I can see any data.

That shouldn't happen. Are you sure you have the time range set correctly?

Yes, I'm setting for last 24 hours and don't see any data in KB untill new logs comes from application.