Not able to write into log file on running logstash


Can anyone please help.
My logstash service is running fine and able to parse the log lines from input files.
But i can see due to running logstash service, my logfile is not getting updated.
But when i'm stopping the logstash service, then logs are getting updated in log file.
Is logstash holding/locking the input log file to not append the data. Could someone please help to resolve this?


@Badger or @magnusbaeck or @leandrojmp or Anyone,
Please comment/help or let me know if any further details are required.
Adding more info : Powershell script is running, which is producing log files. This log file is not getting updated(logs are not getting append), whenever logstash service is running. If I'm stopping the logstash service, then i can see logs are getting appended smothly.


Hi Team,

We are trying to implement Logstash to parse our log file in the below-mentioned environment.

OS: Windows
Logstash version: 7.9.2

Blocker detail::
We have installed the logstash and created grok pattern with the required configuration.
We did the testing locally and were able to parse the log input file and received the events.
When we are testing via making logstash service UP in live stage windows server, then we can see the input live log file is not getting updated(logs are not getting append). I think logstash service is locking the input source file.
But once we are stopping the logstash service then the log file is getting updated smoothly.


  1. We have checked the recursive permissions on the folder and files, it looks fine.
  2. We have tried tweaking with logstash config mode, but no help.
  3. We have checked in Debug mode as well, but no error/warn was seen for watchfile.
  4. Tried with logstash 6.x version as well same issue, no help.
  5. We have checked the multiple forums but seems for the windows environment this is a lock issue that still persists.

Guide/Help required:
We are looking for some pointers/help.
Could someone please help with guiding on it.


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