Not enough capacity... why?

Hi ECE Support team,

I'm trying to allocate clusters on my ECE platform but construtor always tell me that there not enought capacity.

I have a 3 zones plateforme for tests purpose with one in maintenance mode (bat-e one wich hold the cloudUI and the basic ECE services).
I put it on maintenance since I have problem on that runner and docker (I saw containerID duplicate error message).

Anyway, I'm trying to create a 2 zone clusters. I first asked for 3x16GB + 8 GB dedicated master nodes (which was too much according bat-g available capacity). Then I Asked for 3x4GB + 2 GB dedicated master node then for 3x4GB with no dedicated master node but I still have the same problem :

Starting step: [allocate-instances]:
instances=List(ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),tiebreaker-0000000000), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000001), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000002), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000003), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000004), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000005), ElasticsearchInstance(ElasticsearchCluster(ffa7cc500be549efa81343132baf160c),instance-0000000006)), keepInstances=List()
Unexpected error during step: [allocate-instances]: [no.found.constructor.steps.allocation.AllocationFailedException: Allocation failed: [NotEnoughCapacity(6,7,Map(zone-0 -> 12288, tiebreaker -> 1024, zone-1 -> 12288))]]

Here is the capacity I can see in the UI :

What's the problem ? Is it related to maintenance mode ?

I think that the documentation could contains the instance type and count according to the options choosed at the creation of the cluster. It could help.


Hello Jonny,
If I understand correctly, you put the only node in a zone bat-e to maintenance mode. Therefore, effectively you have allocators in 2 zones.
Your ECE cluster fails to create a 2 zone cluster because to create a cluster with this configuration we actually use 3 zones: the 3rd zone is used for tiebreaker node.
As far as I know, there is no way to disable creation of the 'tiebraker' node in the UI.
If you disable maintenance mode for the node in the zone bat-e, the cluster will be created.

Hi @Yuri,

Thanks for your answer. You effectively confirm what I supposed.

This is why I propose you to add the topology of cluster created by ECE on the documentation (for each 3 types of fault tolerance)


@JohnnyB, I totally agree with you, we do need to provide more details about this implicit behavior. We will update the documentation.

Best regards,

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