No master node reported

This is on a cluster on
After reducing memory form the master node, I'm unable to get it back running. Logs show:
Tried to reapply the last successful configuration, but it doesn't work, keeps showing the same exception.
Another weird thing is that the new instance show 0/0 on storage

On this last image you can see the instance with 8g of RAM, but if I go to edit Configuration, it shows 16g:

Thanks in advance!

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Have you raise a request with the Support team about this? They should be able to look into what's happening and provide assistance.

Hi, yes, but no answer yet. This is a production env so posted in here to see if anyone knows about it.

Fair enough. We don't have access to the backend stuff that the Support team does, so it's hard for us to troubleshoot given what you are/aren't seeing sorry to say :frowning:

Also, I can't access snapshots. Is there a way to force recreating the master instance?
The data instance looks fine.
Or is there a way I can create a new deployment using the data instance?

Am I missing something? Is ECE meant for non-production environments? Been down for 72 hours and still no response about the ticket I sent to support.
Is there some kind of additional fee for support? I don't see any upgrade option on Elastic Coud UI.

If you click on the three dots in the top right of instance you can force override its instance size back to 16GB (assuming there is capacity on the allocator - if not you may need to clear some), and then once it's back to life the plan should succeed

Can you DM me the support ticket id, I'll have a look at why you didn't hear anything back


(Incidentally needing >8GB on your master nodes is not that common and can be the sign that you are either oversharded or have a "mapping leak", it's worth looking into once you stabilize the cluster)

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