ECE Setup - Failed to detect that a master was elected

Hi Elastic Team,

We have setup ECE, trying to move default clusters to Allocators.
We are getting following error while moving the cluster from primary node.

Plan change failed: [ClusterFailure:MasterNotDetectedInTime]: Failed to detect that a master was elected. Check thee health of the cluster, and look at the instance logs to determine if there were any issues with cluster formation or leadership election. Details: [{"details":"The state did not become the desired one before [5 minutes] elapsed. Last error was: [Instance [instance-0000000004] has no master.]"}]

Looks like it is Port issue, kindly help to find out the correct port or address the issue.

Kishore Uppala

The ES logs will list the ports that are failing to connect, you can check that against your iptables etc

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