Not Enough Storage is available to complete this operation


I have a query - that works fine, linked to a visualization that works fine. When I put the visualization (area graph) into a dashboard - no problems. However, when I try to add the search to the visualisation I get the following error:

Fatal Error Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

I have tried this on Kibana 4.0.01 and 4.0.02. There is nothing in the kibana logs nor the ES logs.

Anybody seen this? Any clues as to how to resolve?



That's very odd, obvious question, but you have enough disk space right?


I believe so, I have about 10Gb free on the client and 30+Gb free on the cluster. So that should (in my mind) be enough. Interestingly, the message does not indicate if this is a client or server issue.


UPDATE: this error does not occur in either Chrome or Firefox, only IE. So... well that pretty much explains everything.

IE is running low on memory. We've improved memory handling drastically in the snapshot builds and the fixes will be available as part of 4.1