Not getting response from Global public IP in Elasticsearch using Debian Server

I installed elasticsearch on debian server. After installing , I open elasticsearch.yml file for configurations.
I configured these things.. my global public ip of debian server
http.port : 9200

and I also changed the and

Now whenever I access it using http://myglobalip:9200 in browser , then no response or run query on debian like this
curl -X GET 'http://myglobalip:9200'
then it gives me this error
Failed to connect to myglobalip port 9200: Connection timed out

whenever I change localhost
It gives me correct result after running this query
curl -X GET 'http://localhost:9200'
its mean that it is working

I search many documents but still my problem not solve.
I also check the port, port is open.

Am I missing something or doing wrong?
kindly help regarding this issue.

Check your ES logs on startup and make sure it binds to that IP.
Also make sure you don't have a firewall in place.

I am not getting your point, I posted my settings here, kindly tell me are these settings fine or not?
if there is any additional setting kindly tell me.