Not possible to access the Cloud UI from the ECE Training Lab

Hi, I'm working through the ECE Fundamentals training course, but I've hit a problem in Lab 2 when I'm asked to access Cloud UI. I think there's actually a problem with lab notes, because it initially asks to use the public DNS, but then goes on to show you how to do it using the dynamic DNS. But, no matter, I've tried all four options of Dynamic/Public DNS/IP address on port 12400 and I'm not able to access the Cloud UI on any of them.

The initial installation of ECE on instance 1 succeeded and I can see running docker ps on my instance that there are numerous containers running, however I'm not getting anything other than "(110) Connection timed out" from the browser when trying to connect to the Cloud UI.

Thank you in advance.


I have found that it's possible to access the Cloud UI (via the Dynamic DNS) if I use a different (personal) laptop. Something about the networking setup on my corporate laptop must be blocking access.

Hi @rcorfield ,

yeah, if you are behind a firewall in your company, you need to be allowed to access port 12400, so you can access the Cloud UI.


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