Nothing showing in Kibana


My server ran out of space - duh. so I used the curator to remove anything older than 45 days and now I have plenty of free space and still indices newer than 45 days.

The problem is when I log into kibana - nothing is showing up - not the old indices and nothing new from the machines that are connected.

What is the best way to troubleshoot this?




That is strange. Did you click refresh on your index patterns in Kibana?


Yes I have – I actually did find some old information, but no new information I did try to restart the winlogbeat service on a server to see if that helped but nothing yet.

Wil McGilvery
Network Manager
Sofina Foods Inc.

Hi Wil,

Can you do _cat/indices on your ES and paste what you see here? Just trying to make sure your data is in ES.



Here you go. No new indices being created.

sofina@logstash:~$ sudo curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v'
health status index pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size p
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.05.01 5 1 625242 0 692.7mb 692.7mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.22 5 1 254584 0 277.7mb 277.7mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.30 5 1 221506 0 242.1mb 242.1mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.26 5 1 539604 0 595.6mb 595.6mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.25 5 1 543606 0 603.7mb 603.7mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.24 5 1 506403 0 562.5mb 562.5mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.23 5 1 227752 0 251.5mb 251.5mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.05.02 5 1 2563910 0 2.5gb 2.5gb
yellow open .kibana 1 1 103 0 94kb 94kb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.05.03 5 1 3735277 0 3.5gb 3.5gb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.29 5 1 262097 0 283.6mb 283.6mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.28 5 1 510273 0 562.3mb 562.3mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.05.04 5 1 562598 0 534.6mb 534.6mb
yellow open winlogbeat-2017.04.27 5 1 517290 0 571.6mb 571.6mb

Wil McGilvery
Network Manager
Sofina Foods Inc.

OK working – rebooted the server and restarted the services – new information is now coming in

Wil McGilvery
Network Manager
Sofina Foods Inc.

Thanks for keeping us posted.


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