ntopng-ELK setup


Could you please help us on this,

how to see ntopng data in Kibana dashboard, and how to setup ELK in linux

Can you please explain more what do u mean by ntopng ELK set up ?

For just the basic stack set up you could refer to our documentation link here which explains everything https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack/current/installing-elastic-stack.html.


Thank you for reply,

I want to show ntopng flow on kibana dash board.

ntopng - elasticsearch - kibana

***) Is it possible to do


It seems like ntopng supports Elasticsearch, so I guess it should be possible:

I have however never used it, so if you are looking for help setting it up I am afraid I will not be able to help.

did anyone tried this.

Ntopng - elasticseach - kibana


Haven't tried it, but I have been looking at it once in a while.

I am no expert with ntop, but I think that ntopng is just a frontend to visualize the flow data. So you cannot export anything from ntopng into Elasticsearch. What you want, is to export the flow data into Elasticsearch and then present it in Kibana.
So you probably need nProbe. It is a commercial product by ntop and they also sell an Elasticsearch exporter for it. So that's probably the easiest way.
Logstash Netflow codec also seems to support nProbe's flow as in input, so that would be another way.

With a little searching around the web you'll find enough information how to proceed.
If not, you can always contact ntop support and ask for help.

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