Null results from search

Hello dear community :hugs:

I record the price of bitcoin in ElasticSearch every 5 minutes. Today there was a problem, the server was down for a while, because of which the price was not recorded. Because of this, I started getting null entries.
I get all the data using "/search" , below is an example of my request and the response immediately received.

For visual understanding - this is how it looks on the chart with null records :roll_eyes:

Question: how can these null records be filled with a price, for example, for the last record that is not null? Or, for example, these records are simply not displayed as a result.

I will be very grateful to you all for the answer :slight_smile:

I think that Kibana solves that problem with Lens by filling on the front end the missing buckets.

I moved the question to #elastic-stack:kibana

If I understand correctly, I don't use kibana as such. The chart above is rendered by the Javascript part of my site. That is, it would be desirable to fill this void with a query specifically in ElasticSearch

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