Null values in AfterKey of Composite Aggregation are ignored in NEST 6.3.0 - 6.5.0

Hi guys,

I'm using Composite Aggregation to summarize data. Since some fields may be missing, I set missing_bucket = true, so the returned after_key may contain key-value pairs with null values, like

"after_key" : {
"field1" : "blah blah",
"field2" : null

When > I assigned this to Nest.CompositeAggregation.After and invoked ElasticClient.Search,
I got errors like

"reason": {
"type" : "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason" : "[after] has 1 value(s) but [sources] has 2",

It turned out the request sent to ES changed and the key-value pair with null value in composite.after was ignored:

"composite": {
"after": {
"field1" : "blah blah"

I guess when I send the Nest.SearchRequest, NEST serializer just ignored null values. What should I do to let NEST internal serializer include null values in the after key of Composite Aggregation?

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