Number of Elastic Agent requests sent to Azure Monitor API

Could someone help me to understand how Elastic Agent performed API calls to Azure monitor for metrics ingestion is being calculated?
The following snippet of configuration:

period: 60s
client_id: xxxx
client_secret: xxxx
tenant_id: xxxx
subscription_id: xxxx
refresh_list_interval: 60s
  - resource_query: "resourceType eq 'Microsoft.EventHub/Namespaces'"
      - name: 
          - ActiveConnections
        namespace: "Microsoft.EventHub/Namespaces"
        timegrain: PT1M
        ignore_unsupported: true
      - name:
          - IncomingMessages
          - OutgoingMessages
          - IncomingBytes
          - OutgoingBytes
          - Size  
        namespace: "Microsoft.EventHub/Namespaces"
        timegrain: PT1M
            - name: EntityName
              value: '*'
        ignore_unsupported: true

Results in 3 documents in Elasticsearch every minute:
1 document for metric that does not support dimensions;
1 document for metrics that support dimension EntityName at Namespace level;
1 document for metrics that support dimension EntityName at Event Hub level.

Does it mean one document = 1 API call? And 3 documents in one minute = 3 API calls in one minute?

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