Azure Monitor Metrics for StorageAccounts namespaces does not ingest data, no error message returned


Could someone, please, help me to understand where is the issue in the following configurations? I am trying to scrape metrics from specific resource namespace "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices" namespace. However, it is not clear why it does not work, even no error message is returned. As soon as provide "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts" I'm able to get listed metrics. There is also Storage Account integration - but it is quiet limited in flexibility - i.e, metric ingestion period cannot be changed and desired metric configurations cannot be specified.
Here is a piece of configuration I am currently using to ingest metrics from Storage Account Queue namespace (similarily with table, file, blob)

period: 60s
client_id: xxx
client_secret: xxx
tenant_id: xxx
subscription_id: xxx
refresh_list_interval: 60s
  - resource_query: resourceType eq 'Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices'
      - name: 
          - Availability
          - Egress
          - Ingress
          - Transactions
          - SuccessServerLatency
          - SuccessE2ELatency
        namespace: Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices
        timegrain: PT1M
      - name:
          - QueueCapacity
          - QueueCount
          - QueueMessageCount
        timegrain: PT1H
        namespace: Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices

After a couple of attempts to run tests, this configuration returned me error message:

RESPONSE 400: 400 Bad Request
ERROR CODE: BadRequest
   "code": "BadRequest",
   "message": "Detect invalid value: Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices for query parameter: 'metricnamespace', the value must be: Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts if the query parameter is provided, you can also skip this optional query parameter."

But again, when I try to follow suggestion, it does not target Queue namespace and only Microsoft.Storage/StorageAccount metrics are returned, without subresources.

Hello, @Tetiana_Kravchenko or maybe other Elastic Team Member involved in Azure Monitor Metrics integration development could help me to understand better this case?

I did inspect also Storage Account integration source code and believe there was a reason for this integration developement separately (tried it and works fine, but is limited in flexibility - specify time reporting interval, include only desired metrics with preferred timegrain). However, I cannot understand why subresource types (also for queue, table, blob) namespace cannot be accessed (does not return any data or returns an error as provided previously) when using Azure Monitor Metric integration configuration.
Can you confirm that such configuration will not work for Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/queueServices ? Or I have something missed since "nested" namespaces are involved?

I'm using Elastic Agent version 8.11.2 and Azure Monitor Metrics integration version 1.4.1

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