Azure Service Bus, Event hub, event grid metrics not collected

Hi ,

We are using the Azure Resource Metrics collector integration and we were expecting to get the integration services metrics such as service bus, event hub, and event grid, but it seems it is not collecting.

Are service bus, event hub, and event grid metrics supported?

Hi @vithal_wadje you can leverage resource_query with monitor metricset to capture metrics for the Azure Services.

Below example from the documentation can be changed to target specific service and associated metrics. I have found Azure Resource Explorer helpful when working with these queries: Resource Explorer (

- resource_query: "resourceType eq 'Microsoft.DocumentDb/databaseAccounts'"
  - name: ["DataUsage", "DocumentCount", "DocumentQuota"]
    namespace: "Microsoft.DocumentDb/databaseAccounts"
    ignore_unsupported: true
    - name: "DatabaseName"
      value: "*"

Azure Monitor Metrics | Elastic docs