Number of Transport Client for same Elasticsearch Process


I saw this answer but it is still not clear if it is okay to have more than one transport client to the same ES server?

I am getting general node connection failure exception on both the applications which has the tranport client connected to the ES process and then [elasticsearch[_client_][transport_client_boss][T#2]] ERROR org.elasticsearch.transport.netty4.Netty4Utils - fatal error on the network layer

Any help is appreciated.

Yes but you should use only the rest client as the TransportClient will be removed in 8.0

Thank you for the response.
For now we are using 5.6.4 version.

Any idea about the the exception?

Nope. Probably went wrong while the response was sent may be?

BTW 5.x is EOL. You should go to 6.8 or 7.2.

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