Numbers on yaxis in Timelion chart is not getting formatted as configured in kibana settings

I am new to Kibana and using Kibana v 7.5.0.
In index pattern, I have configured impressions field as number (0,0) but in timelion chart I created, its not showing the commas in the values whereas in other bar charts, numbers are shown with commas. Below is the script I used.
.es(index=impressions-*,q='device.keyword:firetv', metric=sum:impressions,timefield='date').lines(width=2).color(color=#e6fff5).label(label='Fire TV').yaxis()

Please find below the screenshot of the timelion chart.

Any help to resolve the issue is much appreciated.

Let me know if any additional information required.

Someone please provide your inputs

@ajith198 could you try to use .yaxis(precision=2)please?

Thanks @tiagocosta for sharing your inputs ! Unfortunately precision is an unknown argument for yaxis. My requirement is to display a number (for eg: 10 thousand as 10,000 instead of 10000).

Hi All, can someone please look into this issue?

Can you use the 'units' param for yaxis as shown here? I think 'currency' would show the values as you want them.

Thanks @Marius_Dragomir for your response. Yes, currency would show the numbers with commas but i dont need the currency symbol.. can you please suggest way to remove the currency symbol?

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