Object field starting or ending with a [.] makes object resolution ambiguous


I want to index a nested array. It works fine for some of my data, but sometimes I get the error from the title.

The string it complains on (which is an array key):

Ask Questions\n\nJoin the discussion...\n\n \n\nRichard Wigley\n\nI'm confused about the calling of the length recursion base case: so 'defp length ], count)' vs 'defp\nlength([_|t], count)' and | am assuming that Elixir pattern matches the 'defp length([ J, count)' function when\nthe list is empty and pattern matches 'defp length([_]t], count)' when it has an element? I'm throwing in the\nterm 'pattern matching' here but I don't understand it as | am used to functions matching on argument type.\n1 a _ v- Reply - Share\n\nDaniel Berkompas ~» Richard Wigley\n\n& Elixir is different from many programming languages in how it decides which version of a function to\ncall. It calls the first version of a function where the arguments _match_ the pattern in the function\ndefinition. This allows you to be much more specific than a statically typed language. For example, as\nshown in this episode, you can run a given function definition only in the case where the list is empty.\n\nI talk more about this in the previous episode on Control Flow. https://www.learnelixirtw/epi...\n1 m ~ > Reply - Share:

Some additional info from the error:

type: illegal_argument_exception
reason: failed to parse
root_cause: [%{reason: "failed to parse", type: "mapper_parsing_exception"}]
status: 400

I am not sure what's wrong. I mean, it's just a string.

I suspect something isn't being escaped correctly. That exception basically means that a field or object name is starting/ending with a period. So if the string isn't properly escaped for JSON, the parser is interpreting parts of it as the next field/key/name in the JSON object and throwing a fit.

Can you paste the full JSON body that is being sent to ES?

The posted string is pasted from the error message. There shouldn't be any escaping errors because it's not user-entered and I can successfully dump my dataset to a json file. I can post the full dataset as json tomorrow when I am on my working machine again.

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