Odd behaviour with search_as_you_type

I am using the search_as_you_type field to provide suggestions to users for addresses from a large index of around 30m addresses. I am using this with the default settings for the most part and it generally works great but I have noticed an odd edge case which I cannot work out.

If a customer types "post office" I get suggestions starting with post office, so far so good. However if I then continue with "post office oxford" I have the same suggestions from before (oxford is not being taken into account). If add a comma so "post office oxford," I then get "Post Office, Oxford Road, Stone, Aylesbury HP17 8PB" at the top of the list (great, this is what I was looking for!).

I am baffled as to why it is not until I enter the comma that I get this, I would have expected to start getting suggestions at "post office oxf". Any help would be hugely appreciated as I have been poring over this for hours!

This is my index mapping entry for the description field:

    "description": {
    	"type": "search_as_you_type",
    	"index_options": "docs",
    	"analyzer": "standard"

This is the query:

       "query": {
          "multi_match": {
             "query": "Post Office Oxford",
             "type": "bool_prefix",
             "fields": [

Is there something obvious here that I am doing wrong? Elasticsearch is version 7.7.0.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!