Odd timestamp in syslog gives formatting error in ingest pipeline



The timestamp in my syslog has two spaces between month and day. So my ingets pipeline works fine for days from 10 - 31, but fails for dates 1 - 9. Since these are single dates and not two digits.
Is there anyway to fix this?

Here's an example

The timestamp in my syslog is

Aug 4 09:06:01 hostname [25831]: syslog data

As you can see there are two spaces between Aug and 4 and that's giving me a pasring error. But this works fine once it hits Aug 10.

here's the date processor in my pipeline

    "date": {
      "field": "timestamp",
      "formats": [
        "MMM dd HH:mm:ss"
      "timezone": "America/Chicago"

This is the error in my failed index

Invalid format: \"Aug 4 09:06:01\" is malformed at \" 4 09:06:01

Right now, i am planning to change the time format in the syslog to something more suitable but wanted to check if there's a work around for this.


I was able to split my timestamp into MONTH, MONTHDAY and then use set processor to add them back together to get the timestamp.

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