Offline Nodes disappear in monitoring

Hi All,

Running ELK 6.3 I see that nodes disappear from the monitoring list, when they are offline. Is this normal?
As I want to know, if a node is offline, it should be shown as offline. When I have X nodes in my cluster, I don't want to count them to know if all nodes are there :slight_smile:

Is there a setting to fix this? Installed ELK 6.3 from debian packages.


Hi @MarcusCaepio,

This is the default behavior of X-Pack monitoring (and it always has been FYI). The way the nodes list is two-fold:

  • We select the latest node_stats document reported from every node in the cluster within the selected time range. If a node is offline, then its "latest" report is inherently outdated.
  • We compare nodes to the latest cluster state's node list (from the latest cluster_stats document in the data). If a node does not appear in this list, but we find data for it, then we mark it as Offline.

Once nodes have been offline for longer than the selected time range (e.g., 1 hour) then we do not "see" them and therefore we do not list them. Due to how it works by looking for data, there is no setting to change this behavior.

If you are able to use Cluster Alerts, then we will provide a cluster alert whenever a node is started, stopped, or restarted.

Hope that helps,

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