Old Elasticsearch Plugin location

I'm trying to find old plugins for the 2.x.x version of Elasticsearch. Specifically I'm looking for the repository-s3 plugin. I tried using the command sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install repository-s3 and sudo bin/plugin install repository-s3 but it cant find the location of the plugin. I tried using the manual link below but changing it to my version but there are no plugins before version 5.


Anyone know how I can find older plugins?

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2.X is no longer supported as it's very well past EOL. Are you locked into that version for a reason?

Have a look at https://download.elastic.co/elasticsearch/release/org/elasticsearch/plugin/cloud-aws/2.4.6/cloud-aws-2.4.6.zip

See AWS Cloud Plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [2.4] | Elastic

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