Installing cloud-aws

I'm trying to install cloud-aws as an elasticsearch plugin on an ec2 instance using "sudo bin/plugin install cloud-aws", and I am getting a null github url. I think this is because of some ec2 restrictions. Here is the plugin URL:

Is there any other syntax for installing this plugin? The following command was working fine for me, but it is for the older version of the plugin: "bin/plugin install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-cloud-aws/2.7.1".

Which elasticsearch version?

I was using es 1.7.0. It looks like it works when I update to es 2.1.1.

Is there a specific version of cloud-aws I can specify when I am doing this install? I'm running "sudo bin/plugin install cloud-aws" as part of an automated setup script, and I wonder if it might break in the future if cloud-aws is updated while the other things in the script aren't updated.

From 2.0, we release a cloud-aws version for each elasticsearch version.
You must update it every time you update elasticsearch.

The version number is not needed as it's the same version as elasticsearch.