On k8s, elasticsearch events return degrated status, but all is green on cluster


We use ECK with latest Helm version and Elastisearch 8.12. But this seems to be not relevant to version, there were a similar case without any response : Get events for Elasticsearch cluster health degraded , but cluster is green

Our setup says :

$ kubectl get events | grep "Unhealthy"
39s         Warning   Unhealthy                elasticsearch/elasticsearch                                                      Elasticsearch cluster health degraded

but the cluster health returns all is good.

$ kubectl get elastic
NAME                                                       HEALTH   NODES   VERSION   PHASE   AGE
elasticsearch.elasticsearch.k8s.elastic.co/elasticsearch   green    17      8.12.0    Ready   193d

NAME                                                HEALTH   NODES   VERSION   AGE
kibana.kibana.k8s.elastic.co/eck-stack-eck-kibana   green    2       8.12.0    193d

NAME                                                HEALTH   AVAILABLE   EXPECTED   VERSION   AGE
agent.agent.k8s.elastic.co/eck-agent-aws-specific   green    1           1          8.12.0    27d
agent.agent.k8s.elastic.co/eck-stack-eck-agent      green    3           3          8.12.0    187d
agent.agent.k8s.elastic.co/fleet-server             green    1           1          8.12.0    187d

How to understand why the "Unhealthy" is reported on k8s events ?

:up: No one knows :cry: ?