One Logstash server not pushing docs through -other is fine

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Looking for some suggestion on how to investigate this issue really.

I have one logstash server set up in Ubuntu (6.4.2) and I have a slew of servers sending filebeat, metricbeat and winlogbeat logs to this server. I added the same agents to a few new servers and I don't see any docs being indexed for them in ES.

I have another logstash server set up with the same config file, but I use it for testing config changes. If I change the host IP in the beat agents to point to this server - all the logs come streaming through. Not seeing any errors showing on the first server. AWS cloudwatch monitoring of the server shows 30% cpu load. The AWS instance type is m5.xlarge (4 cpu, 16GB RAM). I increased the JVM memory to use 15GB.

Any other ideas on investigating this? Do you think load balancer would help and have 2 instances behind it? I will probably switch to load balancer anyway just so I am not using IP addresses in my beat config files! Does logstash use ELB effectively? Thought I saw some discussion about it using persistant links or something...

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Anyone got any ideas? I ended up resetting all beat agents to point to my test server and they are flowing through there fine. The problem server is still sitting there and nothing is coming out of it even when I send just one server log to it.
Very strange and makes me nervous about maintaining this in production.

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