One node gets no data, without errors in the logs

Hi folks,

we use elasticsearch 0.19.11 for one of our old clusters in the AWS (i
cannot upgrade).
The load was rising, so i added two new nodes to the existing 3 node
cluster with same config setup(rolled out with chef, identical).
All nodes are up, cluster is green.
Node 5 gets some shards, but not number 4(!).
I can restart the whole cluster node by node, node 4 receives no data(had
unassigned shards, but they were relocated after minutes to the nodes

Node 4 is a full member and is now getting master after several cluster
restarts, as i mentioned with the same settings(master/data node = true).
But no data on this node.
When i relocate the data, i can relocate between all the other nodes, for
node 4 i get:

nested: ElasticSearchIllegalArgumentException[[move_allocation] can't move
[suggest_index][0], from [node5][buh][inet[ip:9300]], to
[node4][buh2][inet[ip:9300]], since its not allowed]; ","status":400}
I see no other errors/warnings in the logs, everything is fine. What can it


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