Only Date needed


I am trying to write a painless script code where I got a date in the format like: Fri Aug 16 11:20:43 EDT 2019, but all I need is only like this ( 8/16/19 ).

I am using "new Date() " in my script which resides in html, something which looks like below
op+="Yesterday's Service usage date:" + new Date()+ "";


Did you give field formatters a try?

Hopefully that should help.


what I was trying to do is execute a "Post" painless script with, all I need is yesterday's date

How can I get that?

I tried which you said, its asking to fill " script" field and still If I passed something in that field, still I am not able to find the solution.

It would be grateful, if you could elaborate the solution.

ganga reddy

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