Only request in Transaction type Java Agent

Hi, I have installed a Java agent with default setting, and I only get "request" in transaction type dropdown menu, is there a way to get more transaction types from the agent?

Hi @ElasticLiver ,

Here request is the type that is used for most request-based frameworks, and it's also used for HTTP.

If you want you can use the public API to override the default value.

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Thanks for your answer @Sylvain_Juge , the transaction types available depends on the supported technologies?

if thats true, it means that the default settings of the agent will bring all the types of transactions that finds in the server and are in the supported technologies?


Yes and no, the transaction.type is being set to request for all the supported technologies that are request-based, thus it will be the case for HTTP and other similar protocols.
There are other types, for example messaging for message-driven communication like JMS/Kafka/... or scheduled for tasks that are handled by a scheduling framework, thus it's not a 1:1 mapping with the underlying technology.

However, if you need to know which framework is being used, then the and transaction.framework.version could be used, but those might not be visible yet on the UI in Kibana.

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