Open Distro for Elasticsearch - How to add permissions?

Hello, I'm referring to this article below to add the following permissions to a role:


Do you know how I can do that, as in which curl command can I execute ? I looked in the ES security section of the official documentation but couldn't find anything related to script permissions at cluster level.


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We don't support that distribution sorry to say, it's an AWS fork so you might need to ask them. Is there a reason you aren't using our distribution?

Thanks for your reply, it's a task I have been asked to look at and I hit a wall as I couldn't find anything here -->
which might help me achieve it.

It is a completely separate plugin/distribution so you need to look at their documentation and ask that community. The Elastic security docs do not apply.

Thanks ! Just to let everyone know in case someone will search for this in the future, by granting the cluster level privilege "manage", the stocked scripts will execute successfully. I've tested it with the developer.

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