Open Kibana dashboard in a new browser tab from an application with authentication

I have a requirement in which we have to provide a link "View logs" in our application and on click of this link we have to open a separate browser tab and show the Kibana dashboard, but we want to avoid login to Kibana again and should use the user login from the previous tab. Is this possible? Please help.

Opening a new tab should provide access to the current session and retain the login without doing anything special.

If that doesn't work for you, could you explain you case in greater detail (showing your code, screenshots, ...)

Hi @flash1293
Thank you for the reply.
My use case is a bit weird, I have a react application that requires the user to login in with some credentials, let's say the username and password is userApp/passwordApp. After login, the user can see a button in this app "Open logs" on click of which I'm supposed to open a new tab and open a Kibana dashboard. But currently, I'm seeing a login screen on which I need an enter different credentials (for example kibanaUser/kibanaPass). How can I avoid this? Is there some HTTP which allows me to authenticate a user ?

I see - I think there are a bunch of options. See supported ways of authenticating users in Kibana here: Authentication in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

The best option would be using some form of single sign on for both your app and Kibana.

If anonymous access more Kibana is good enough, then this can be configured as well.

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