Open Kibana Dashboard on a specific slug

We have Kibana running on a VM listening on localhost:5601. Also, we are using an Nginx proxy pass to access the Kibana dashboard over the privateip:80. We are trying to access a specific kibana dashboard on a custom slug.
For e.g We want this dashboard to open!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!f,value:10000),time:(from:'2022-02-16T16:00:00.000Z',to:'2022-02-16T23:00:00.000Z'))
if I enter

Furthermore, I want to preserve the original URL. I have already tried rewrite and 301 redirects however, it changes the request URL on the browser.

Any suggestions would be appreciated?

AFAIK this won't work since we're using the URL to get the id of the dashboard + it's state. You would need to create a iframe embedded version of Kibana at /demo-dashboard

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