Opencart( Elasticsearch(6.7.0) have problem

I want to use Opencart Elasticsearch.

So first, setting elasticsearch 6.7.0 by yum, java 1.8 on centos6.9

And I bought Opencart Elasticsearch, Setting is almost finished.

On Opencart extensions page, I have installed by Extension Installer and

Modifications. But when I fill out Extensions/Extensions/module It has

problem. And It doesn't have the Elastic Search menu option.

I have installed composer by "monolog/monolog": ">=1.1.0"

The error log is like this ;

PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Elasticsearch\Common\Exceptions\Curl\CouldNotConnectToHost as array in /usr/local/httpd2/htdocs/vendor/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/src/Elasticsearch/Transport.php on line 122

Sometimes change from CouldNotConnetToHostException to CouldNotResolveHostException, And also sometimes this error not occur and I can show success message. although I didn't show Elastic Search menu option(under the admin side panel).
Reason why is firewall problem? I really don't know.. please give me the idea. thanks.


I think you may be better of to ask this question in the opencart forum, as this looks like a very specific issue how Elasticsearch is used within opencart, especially in combination with some versions of the PHP client and the PHP version.



But OpenCart forum also told me I should ask to here!!

Why you and him said each other ask?

I really hope resolve this issue.


so my main point here was that this is not a core Elasticsearch problem, but rather an integration one. And I do see that the integration point here is rather opencart and your PHP setup compared to Elasticsearch.

However what might help here is, if you specify the PHP version you are using, the version of the Elasticsearch client in use.

in addition if the exception shows sporadically and sometime it works, it is also possible that your network or your DNS has issues. You could try to just specify an IP address for testing and check if that keeps happening.



I appreciate to your answer. first, my PHP version is 7.1 and Opencart version is

in order to resolve DNS issue, I heard I have to setting about inbound port 9200. But I couldn't

understand, why I have to inbound setting? If I want search to my server, I thought It needed

outbound setting. please why I have to set inbound port 9200 instead of outbound.


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