Openid connect for kibana login

Hi, I am using an x-pack trail license, using openid connect to use our customized oauth2.0 but, it is giving error :
Successfully exchanged code for ID Token: [null] and Access Token
[2019-12-13T15:26:42,047][DEBUG][o.e.x.s.a.o.OpenIdConnectRealm] [localhost] Failed to consume the OpenIdConnectToken
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException: Token Response did not contain an ID Token or parsing of the JWT failed.

Is there any to configure open id with oauth2.0

No. oAuth2 is an authorization standard. OpenID Connect is an authentication standard, built on top of oAuth2. Our OpenID Connect realm can't work with custom oAuth2 providers that do not implement OpenID Connect.

Thanks for replying . so if i have open source open id connecter like Keycloak or my own open id connector then it will work?

Yes, our implementation follows the standard as defined in, and if the OpenID Connect Provider also does, then it should work just fine.
Our documentation is available at

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