Operating System Interoperability


Does Elastic Search support multiple operating systems?

I am in a position where I want to spin up an ES cluster - preferably on Linux. We do not yet have a corporate image for Linux (although one is being developed now).

If I were to spin up a 3master, 2client, 4*data cluster on Windows Server 2016 and then "swap" nodes one-by-one once we have a working Linux Image - would this be supported?

My intention would be to:

  • stand up a 5th data node on Linux and then decommission the 1st Windows Server
  • stand up a 6th, decommission 2nd
  • 7th - 3rd
  • 8th - 4th
  • (then client nodes)
  • (then master nodes)

Given that Elastic Search works on both Windows and Linux - is there any reason why this wouldn't work or wouldn't be supported?


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