Operator support for full text search

Hi ES experts.

Our customer has a requirement of operator support for full text search.

Say, if user search "news have Obama and Putin in it", he/she will get all news mentioned both Putin and Obama

If user search "news that have Putin or Obama", then will get news mentioned either Putin or Obama"

It sounds like an interesting feature which will make the search site different to others.

Is it doable?

Sure it is doable. Use named entity recognition (NER) on your text and create ES queries from that in your ES client.

An example for a library with support for NER (and other natural language processing methods) is Overview - CoreNLP

I do not use CoreNLP because support for german is lousy.

Thanks for the hint, so the point is to rely on a good NLP component like StandardFord NLP to work together with Elastic search.

I will take a look into StandardNLP and search for other NLP components.