Optimize product/prices parent/child relation

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Help me please to find right solution for next case:

I have products and location prices. So, each product has different price
in different locations (stores).

Simplest query is:

"search products, display minimum price and sort by this price"

Advanced query is:

*"search products within some price range, location region, display minimum
price and sort by this price" *

Here is my mapping (I'm thinking about parent/child schema)
product: {
properties: {
title: { type: "string" },
description: { type: "string" },
options: { type: "string" }
price: {
_parent: { type: "product" },
properties: {
available: { type: "integer" },
price: { type: "float" },
location: { type: "geo_point" },
city: { type: "string" }

One idea is to query products, use top_children in combination with min
score, where score is the price.
But how to optimize it for cases, when product has thousands of prices?

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