Parent/Child searching/faceting/sorting


We have the following requirements which we're not sure of that
elasticsearch can provide a solution, they relate to the model: 1 product
[title, description, etc..] can have many offers [price, availability,
seller, etc...]:

  1. we need to be able to search for products that match the term a user
    types --> easy, no sweat.
  2. the product facets are clear, but we also want to be able to create
    facets for the childvalues [eg. price, availability, etc..] and....
  3. they should NOT reflect the nr of offers but the number of products
    (sort of an aggregated value). So for a pricefacet 5-10 euros and 2 offers
    for 1 product that fall in that range (as a result of a query), we only
    want to show that there is 1 product in that range.
  4. the id of most relevant offer should be returned as a childvalue, we
    use another system to get and display detailed offer information
  5. ability to sort on the value of child documents (eg. price low-high)

1 is clear but we're not sure how to do 2-5. Maybe using parent/child is
the wrong choice but we want to do that because offer updates occur very
often, product updates not that much.

I'm using the site
as a basis.

Hope you can provide some answers/insight.


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