Option list in Kibana not working

We are using Kibana 7.17,
We are using a search table for an index, and put the same on a dashboards. For the filter, We have created a control options -> options list. Selected the same index as in the search table. we populate ids in the option list/or we enter any id in the list. when user selects any id, complete document is reflected in the search table..
Recently this option list has stopped working, not populating any data. Even if we enter any id, it does not populate. there has been no change in kibana yml..

We have also tried changing following setting in kibana yml

data.autocomplete.valueSuggestions.timeout: 10000
data.autocomplete.valueSuggestions.terminateAfter: 100000

That input control has been deprecated so I would suggest upgrading and using the new dashboard controls.

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